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Vibe For Health Collaborates on an Advanced Headweight Design

Many chiropractors are familiar with the concept of using spinal weighting as a tool to improve their patient’s posture, especially in cases of forward head posture.  Nicolas Andry, the Father of Orthopedics, first suggested the concept of using weights to improve posture in his text Orthopaedia in 1741.  Our understanding of how the body reacts to strategically-positioned forces has advanced significantly in the last 270 years, and Vibe For Health is proud to share a new headweighting product with the chiropractic profession that offers several significant advantages over similar products.

Dr. Dennis Woggon worked together with the developer of the HaloPostureTM to incorporate his extensive clinical experience with spinal weighting into the product.  Dr. Woggon is a recognized expert in the field of spinal biomechanics, and is the founder and CEO of the CLEAR Scoliosis Institute Non-Profit.

“I’ve always been impressed with the style and comfort of the HaloPosture,” states Dr. Woggon.  “Patient compliance is a necessary part of achieving results.  If the patients won’t wear it, obviously they won’t benefit from it.”  Dr. Woggon does not profit from sales of the HaloPosture, nor any of Vibe For Health’s other products – despite the fact that he owns patents on several.

Dr. Woggon was one of the authors of a research article published in 2003 that documented the improvement of cervical lordosis and the reduction of forward head posture with anterior headweighting protocols.  In the years since publishing this scientific article, he has continued his work to identify the most efficient spinal weighting protocols for postural and spinal rehabilitation.

“We tested the new HaloPosture design on a wide variety of patients with forward head posture and loss of the cervical curve,” explains Dr. Woggon.  “In the case of one patient with a 273% loss of curve and 2 inches of forward head posture, the new design was able to achieve a 239% improvement in the curve and completely eliminate her forward head posture.  Using a different style of headweight, we were only able to achieve a 2% improvement in the cervical curve and a 30% reduction in the forward head posture.”

In addition to its enhanced clinical effectiveness, the HaloPosture is an Earth-Friendly product.  It is made with a material known as Geoprene, which is soft, elastic, non-toxic, and more than twice as durable as its synthetic cousin, neoprene.  Geoprene is an organic compound consisting of 99.7 percent calcium carbonate, which means biodegradable materials and no chance of a reaction in patients who are sensitive to artificial or synthetic materials.

For more information about the research and benefits of the HaloPosture, and to view a free 35-minute video on headweighting protocols presented by Dr. Dennis Woggon, please visit  You can also place orders at this website, or also from Vibe For Health (there is no difference in the price).  If you like the HaloPosture, please don’t forget to check out the other new and exciting products available at! 


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