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The NESTMANN formulas are among the strongest drainage remedies available and widely preferred by German practitioners. They have been prescribed with proven efficacy throughout the last century. The advantage of NESTMANN’s liquid extractions is that a large portion of the remedy is absorbed into the blood stream regardless of the condition of the intestinal tract.

Many disease related symptoms result from poor circulation in the affected organ or organ system. Sluggish circulation in any organ tissue leads to a build-up of cellular wastes (metabolites). All cells are surrounded by connective tissue. Toxic build-up hinders the passing of nutrients through connective tissue for delivery to the cells and impairs drainage of cellular wastes.

For this reason the first therapeutic step should always be to increase circulation – to clear the path to the cells. For example, patients who have a poor diet and do not exercise have sluggish circulation. Here arteriosclerotic plaque build-up is like the waste that accrues at the banks of a slow flowing river. Increased blood flow washes waste away like a fast mountain stream.

Throughout the centuries empirical evidence has proven that specific medicinal plants will increase circulation in specific organs and organ systems. For example, Crataegus No. 26 (Hawthorne Extract) increases circulation in the coronary vessels; and Aesculus No. 6 (Wild Chestnut), in the extremities. Herbs that improve metabolic functions by increasing circulation are called “Drainage Remedies.”

A drainage remedy needs to have two main characteristics:

  • It increases circulation in a specific area in the body.
  • It must be biochemically active.

Homeopathic remedies may also be used for drainage.

Low-potency homeopathics, in particular tinctures (1x to 4x), can still have enough active ingredients to influence chemical reactions, and in certain combinations can be used effectively as drainage remedies. Higher potency homeopathics or “vibrational” remedies cannot cause this direct biochemical effect.
One of the most essential applications for drainage remedies is before and during any detoxification program. When using homeopathic Nosodes* and Sarcodes** (SANUM, HEEL, etc.), or other therapies such as Chelation, Liver or Kidney detox, drainage remedies will help to eliminate waste, regenerate cells, and minimize a healing crisis.

If the patient is very toxic and depleted, prescribing just Nosodes and high potency homeopathics could lead to severe reactions and toxic overloads, which can cause an uncomfortable “healing crisis.” A Nosode acts like a key opening a “toxic deposit box.” The connective tissues which have served as the “toxic deposit box” respond to the Nosode by releasing their previously stored residuals into the bloodstream and can cause unpleasant, confusing symptoms.

Drainage therapies protect organ systems and move the previously stored toxic residuals out of the body quickly and safely with minimal discomfort. It is recommended that an average drainage therapy be prescribed for two months.

Using drainage remedies during chelation therapy is a must and will also reduce stress on the kidneys and lymphatic system.
* Nosodes are homeopathically prepared remedies using pathologic tissue, micro-organisms, viral, chemical, or other disease-causing substances.
** Sarcodes are homeopathically prepared healthy organ tissue remedies.

A standard component of all German Naturopathic College curricula is training on a variety of pharmaceutical companies and their natural medicines. Whether homeopathic or herbal, these natural formulas have been essential to German pharmacopeia for many decades. Due to their proven effectiveness, courses on the development and use of these medicines are core elements of German Naturopathic Education.

There were very few natural remedies available in 1983 when Andreas Marx, a German Naturopath was invited to the U.S. to lecture on Biological Therapy Protocols and EAV (Electralacupuncture According to Dr R. Voll; also known as Electral Dermal Screening). When he started practicing in California, his only option was to import the remedies in order to treat his patients using the German therapies.

Importing large quantities of the German remedies became difficult, impractical and expensive. Dr. Andreas Marx, Ana Marx, and Isaac Conyers III organized Marco Pharma International, LLC to make these remedies available to health professionals throughout the U.S. The first shipment from Germany arrived in 1991, creating the starting point for Marco Pharma International, LLC.

But, making the remedies available was not enough. U.S. health professionals needed training on their use. To address this issue, Dr. Marx developed and gave lectures, seminars and training classes to teach proper administration of the German therapies and to establish recognition for Marco Pharma International, LLC throughout the U.S.

Every new company faces many challenges and Marco Pharma International, LLC is no exception. However, the remarkable results consistently reported by health professionals, kept the affiliates motivated.

Thanks to the knowledge, experience, expertise and effective remedies developed over centuries by the German Naturopathic Community, Marco Pharma International, LLC is thriving. Although considered a young company, Marco Pharma International, LLC is recognized for its distribution of fine remedies andfor providing outstanding education of the German therapies to health professional.

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