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Scar Treatments

Scars and “Light Therapy”

Scientific research has demonstrated that any area of the skin that heals by scar formation has increased sympathetic nerve innervations. These scares can sometimes suddenly “activate” (even years after they were caused) and act as capacitors which accumulate nerve energy, and which can then mis- fire at will, affecting local areas or ganglia which can then affect other areas away from the scar site.

** Scars primarily on the surface of the skin from past injuries or surgeries, have consistently been found to cause hidden disturbances to the normal functioning of the body. Weather these are close to the organ in trouble, or even distant (as in a knee scar connected to a frozen shoulder), these need to be properly and thoroughly handled whenever they show up in our system of testing in order to attain optimal results. 

Research found clinically patients who’s heart conditions have rapidly improved date- coincident with the correct program addressed to a scar such as on the web of the opposite hand. Nutrition suddenly “started working” once this interference field was reduced. Similarly, patients with impaired kidney function have improved when an old appendix scar was given proper attention, thus removing the neurological disturbance fields and open the body’s ability to utilize correct nutritional protocols and restore normal function. This list goes on and on and has been dramatic in our research. **

But most dramatic of all have been the uncountable number of women who have been suffering from various post partum syndromes (including depression, chronic fatigue, thyroid dysfunction; gastro- intestinal and/or pelvic organ problems) years (or decades) after giving birth, who have finally been able to find relief once the underlying causal scar [ perinea or other scar on or crossing the midline] had been handled allowing the correct nutritional programs to work their miracles.

The Therapy:

Standard Process Wheat Germ Oil, and/or Sesame Seed Oil, applied directly to the scar, is the most effective nutritional approach for turning down/off the sympathetic nerve interference which can be caused by verified “active” scars. 

* Massage freshly squeezed oil from Wheat Germ or Sesame Seed Oil Pearle onto a scar (both longitudinally and across the scar) must be done regularly -- once or twice per day -- over a 90 day period for best results. (Handles 50% of scars) 

* Light Therapy “Cold Laser” - shine light about 1 inch from the scar making sure to run across entire scar. A session usually last 5 minutes, should be done weekly and will take approximately 4-8 sessions (Handles 70% of scars) 

* COMBINATION of 1 and 2 = Handles 90% or better


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