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Know Your Fats

Butter is better for your brain!

Yes, butter provides the brain with the nutrients it needs:

  • Cholesterol: The highest concentration of cholesterol occurs in the brain, where it plays an especially important role in memory formation. Seniors with the highest cholesterol levels have the best memory function. Cholesterol also plays a major role in regulating serotonin levels in the brain – low cholesterol levels are associated with depression, anti-social behavior and even suicide.
  • Saturated Fats: The brain contains high levels of saturated fats, both in the cell membranes and in the mitochondria. Saturated fats are stable and don’t create damage in the brain like poly-unsaturated fats do.
  • Arachidonic Acid: Eleven percent of your brain is composed of arachidonic acid (AA), a type of omega-6 fatty acids found exclusively in animal fats like butter. A supply of AA is critical to neurological development in the infant.
  • Vitamin A plays a key role in vision and all sensory perception. Butter is an excellent source of vitamin A.
  • Vitamin D is critical to neurological function and protection against depression. Butter provides vitamin D.
  • Vitamin K supports neurological function and learning. Butter provides vitamin K.
  • DHA is an omega-3 fatty acids especially concentrated in the brain. Seafood is a good source, but butter provides it also.
  • Choline is critical for the formation of glial cells. Butter is an excellent source.

Butter substitutes like margarine and spreads do not supply these critical nutrients (although many brands have vitamins A and D added); in addition, these industrial products contain rancid oils that can really damage your brain and interfere with learning ability in growing children.

Basics on Fats and Oils:

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