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33 Points about Tonal Chiropractic

A Major Paradigm Shift/Upgrade to Traditional Chiropractic


  1. Tonal Chiropractic is simply a philosophy of “optimizing the powerful inherent healing forces within the nervous system” & allowing it to express its fullest potential to self-heal & self-regulate. A paradigm of using the specific inherent wisdoms of the body to create the greatest life possible!
  2. Re-Organizational Healing is a new paradigm shift in Chiropractic Care which creates wellness strategies within a Practice Member’s Nervous System which will create optimal expression of the “Energies of Intelligence” within & through the mind, body & soul
  3. ROOTED in creating a thriving life & removal of “survival mentality” & “habitually defense patterns” within the mind/body/soul triad
  4. Intentional, Light-Force, caring & specific administration of force into the spinal structure to initiate immediate healing & reorganization within the nervous system
  5. Positive Reinforcement Care- working with areas of the spine & nervous system that are already working well to strengthen the other areas naturally
  6. Setting Strategies & Programs within the Nervous System to create greater global spinal cohesion, spinal efficiency & effectiveness
  7. Advanced Chiropractic Techniques, Training & Wellness Procedures
  8. Cause/Solution/Wellness Focused
  9. Speak Life & Encourage/Coaching of Practice Member to live out their Ultimate Destiny
  10. Collaborate team effort with other professionals: Massage/Nutrition/Trainer/Acupuncture etc…..
  11. Practitioner adjusts from heart & with intentionality
  12. Does not perform gross mechanical, manipulative & aggressive adjusting treatments that invoke a stress response or defense physiology in the practice member. 90% Tonal/10% Osseous Adjusting
  13. Treatments are relaxing & intended to redirect healing within the mind/body/soul towards thriving
  14. Intentional focus & concentration between Practitioner & Practice Member during treatments
  15. Goal/outcome focused care & Chiropractor’s product/service is wellness, wellbeing and wholeness
  16. Intuitive & Integrative Approach to Lifetime Wellness
  17. Grounding & Stability of Intelligence System of the Body (Vital-Biological, Emotionally, Mentally & Soul)
  18. Upgrades for optimal Coordination/Communication between & through Nervous System & body systems
  19. Restoration/Resetting/Rejuvenation of Nervous System
  20. Transformation of Health, Healing and Wellbeing in every dimension & at depth never reached or seen with traditional chiropractic
  21. Practitioner awareness of what season of wellness practice member is going through in life and adapting care accordingly
  22. Paramount emphasis on the “Art form of Chiropractic Adjusting”
  23. Philosophically true & sound Chiropractic Care for the entire family & community
  24. Pure & True unaltered Chiropractic the way it was intended and founded upon in 1896.
  25. More organization, confidence & certainty in outcomes in care based on research
  26. Care Plans reflect current science & research in field of Chiropractic
  27. Closer monitoring & greater personalized service in an ever-changing world
  28. Encouragement of Active Participation vs Passive Participation
  29. Very few practitioners use X-Ray & X-Ray analysis but may employ other ways of monitoring and gauging improvements in the expression of the nervous system
  30. Use energy or fuel that is already present within the nervous system to fuel transformation in life, behaviors, perspectives & in spinal structures
  31. Entrainment is another name for the specific contacts/gateways made at precise spinal structures to synchronize & arose the inherent intelligences of the practice member’s body
  32. Cornerstone of care is centered in breath, breathing patterns & depth of breathing.
  33. Depth of Connection with Practice Member much more profound due to impact it has globally on their lives


Specific Long-Term Benefits of Subluxation Based Chiropractic Care:

Physical Well Being

More Energy

Less Fatigue

Reduced Pain

Fewer Headaches

Improved Flexibility

Fewer Colds/Improved Immune System


Emotional & Physical Well-Being

Less Anxiety

Less Depression

Improved Focus

Better Temperament

More Interest in Life

Decreased Moodiness

Less Anger

Positive Outlook about Self

Less Distress about Pain & Suffering


Lifestyle Changes & Stress

Improved Family Life & Work Relationships

Improved Health, Wellbeing & Ability to Cope with Daily Stressors

Regular Exercise

Meditation/Prayer/Yoga/Tai Chi

More/Increased Relaxation

Better Diet & Consumption of Healthy Foods & Vitamins

Reduction in Prescription Medications



Quality of Life & Life Enjoyment

Compassion for Others


Improved Personal Life & Professional Satisfaction

Greater Contentment in Life

Improved Physical Appearance

Adaptability to Stress in the Physical, Emotional & Chemical

Openness to Others & Improved Relationships

Healthier Lifestyle

Greater Stability Mentally, Emotionally & Physically


Holistic Oriented Services

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Chiropractic Techniques

TRT or Torque Release Technique, Toggle Recoil or HIO, Palmer Package, Diversified, Gonstead, Thompson Technique, VibraCussor, Arthrostim, NRT or Nutrition Response Testing, ACT graduate from Ulan’s Nutrition Response Testing, Applied Kinesiology,  TBM or Total Body Modification, CBP or Chiropractic Biophysics, Versendaal, Upper Cervical, Pettibon, Nimmo, Motion Palpation, Cox Flexion Distraction, CRA Contact Reflex Analysis & Cervical Drop.


Conditions Regularly Helped

Acid Reflux, ADD, ADHD,  Adrenal Fatigue, Allergies, Anxiety, Addictions, Autism, Back Pain, Bacterial Infection, Blood Pressure, Back Injury, Candida, Chronic Pain, Constipation, Cholesterol, Crohn's Disease, Diabetes, Digestive Problems, Depression, Ear Infections, Fatigue, Food Sensitivities, Barrett's Esophagus, Cerebral Palsy, Bed Wetting, Bipolar, Bladder Control, Bladder Infection, Bladder Problems, Chronic Tired, Cleanse, Cerebral Palsy, Carpel Tunnel, Celiac Disease, Eczema, Earaches, Food Allergies,  Fungus, Fibromyalgia, Gallbladder, Gout, Hyperthyroid, HPV, Hypothyroid, Heart, Hypothalamus, High Blood Pressure, Headaches, Hot Flashes, Herpes, Hookworms, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, IBS/IBD, Kidney Stones, Knee Pain, Kidney, Low Energy, Lupus, Liver, Lyme Disease, Liver Flukes, Migraines, Mold Infections, Mercury Toxicity, MS, Neck Pain, Osteoporosis, Obesity, Panic Attacks, Parasite Infections, Parasites,Thyroid Conditions, Diabetes, Digestive Issues, Endocrine Disorders, Parathyroid Disorders, Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism,  Adrenal Issues, Nutrition and Nutritional related issues, Pituitary, Obesity, Gallbladder Issues, Gout, Lupus, Skin Problems, Allergies, Heart Disease, Sleep Disorders, Pain Relief, Anti-Depressants, High Blood Pressure, ADHD, Antibiotic Resistance, Cholesterol Issues, Neck Pain and Low Back Pain, Pancreas, Pituitary, PMS, Sciatica, Snoring, Sleep Apnea, Thyroid Dysfunction, Thyroid, and Overweight.

Locations Service

Clinton Township MI, Macomb MI, Shelby Township MI, Romeo MI, Chesterfield MI, Harrison Township MI, Saint Clair Shores MI, Fraser MI, Mount Clemens MI, Warren MI, Sterling Heights MI, Roseville MI, Eastpointe MI, Madison Heights MI, New Haven MI, New Baltimore MI, Richmond MI, Armada MI, Ray MI, Washington MI, Rochester MI, Rochester Hills MI, Troy MI, Oakland MI, Auburn Hills MI, Lake Orion MI, Bloomfield Hills MI, Birmingham MI, Beverly Hills MI, Southfield MI, Pontiac MI, Berkley MI, Royal Oak MI, Huntington Woods MI, Ferndale MI, Oak Park MI, Detroit MI, Hamtramck MI, Center Line MI, Harper Woods MI, Grosse Pointe Park MI, Grosse Pointe MI, Grosse Pointe Farms MI, Grosse Pointe Woods MI, Algonac MI, Marine City MI and East China MI. 


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Organic Approach Chiropractic LLC

Phone # 586-421-4356

39083 Garfield Road

Clinton Township, MI 48038



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